Cannabidiol Tinctures

Our superior quality tinctures contain a proprietary blend of American grown Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp CBD Oil with no detectable traces of THC. We then infuse it with our finest hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil and the most superior essential oils on the planet.  All of our products start off with the highest potency and concentration of any CBD on the market (typically in the 70% to 80% range) grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture and processed using a whole plant natural Co2 extraction.  This allows us to provide the famed Full Entourage effect of all the Terpenes and additional Cannabinoids while removing all the THC.  Our high-quality ingredients are just one of the reasons that Honey B Healthy Living has the reputation of having the best overall quality products, best tasting products and the product that provides that highest success rates in the industry.  Most other CBD companies import their products out of Europe, Canada and China.  These overseas Hemp plants are typically grown for their stalks and seeds and CBD production is considered to be a by-product.  Our hemp plants are grown specifically to provide the highest concentration and potency of CBD.  This is why our customers report such a vast difference in the performance of our product versus our competitors.  Experience why people are talking about Honey B Healthy Living.

Vape Juice

When it comes to CBD vape juices Honey B Healthy Living proprietary blend provides the leading brand in the industry with our 6 month no separation guarantee.  Ever wondered why all of our competition put their vape juices in a colored bottle and why we put ours in a clear bottle.  It’s simple, quality!  Our competitors put their vape juices in colored bottles to hide the fact that within 2 to 4 weeks the CBD separates and floats to the top.  This obviously becomes an issues when it comes to providing accurate dosing.  At Honey B Healthy Living we put our vape products in a clear bottle so that your customers can see the difference in quality first hand and know that they are getting the same accurate dosing every time.  At Honey B Healthy Living all of our vape product use the same American grown Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp CBD Oil with no THC that is found in our other quality products.  Our vape juices contain a full Cannabinoid and Terpene profile without the THC giving your customers the highly sought after Entourage Effect.  When you want to provide your customers the absolute best quality CBD vape juice on the market, there is nothing that will compare to Honey B Healthy Living CBD Vape Products.

Raw Oils

When you are looking for the maximum amount of potency, there is nothing better than Honey B Healthy Living Formulated CBD Raw Oil Products.  Our raw oil products contain up to 800mg of pure CBD per gram.  This is our same famous raw CBD that all of our products start from.  American grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture and processed to the highest standards utilizing a Co2 extraction process.  With this THC free product we leave in all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in order to provide the full Entourage Effect found in all of our quality products.  This raw oil product can be used in many different ways such as being added to food, beverages or lotions.  Our CBD Raw Oil is quickly becoming one of the most sought after CBD Oils in the United States due to its high concentration and effectiveness to its outstanding flavor provided by using natural Terpenes.  When only the best will do, Honey B Healthy Living Raw CBD Oils.



Taste and feel the Honey B Healthy Living CBD Difference! Our full spectrum CBD Gummies provide the highest quality cannabinoids and terpenes in the industry.  We use the full plant, full spectrum naturally occurring CBD found within the highest grade, medicinal cannabis strains.  We have the most potent and powerful THC free, CBD formulations in the world.  Unlike most of our competitors, that taste like regular Gummies, when you chew on our Gummies you’ll know that you are getting the Honey B quality.  Our THC free full spectrum Gummies still contain all the necessary terpenes and cannabinoids that are missing from other brands while still tasting great at the same time.  Most brands only use CBD Isolates, which have no flavor due to the terpenes and additional beneficial cannabinoids that are removed.  We believe in providing you with the highest potency, full spectrum CBD Gummies on the market.

If you want the best quality and highest potency Gummies on the market, it’s time to taste and feel the Honey B Difference!


About Us

Honey B Healthy Living is a lifestyle company devoted to your health and wellness by providing you with high quality phytocannabinoid rich hemp products. We are committed to integrity, professionalism, and reliability in all that we do. We are a group of agriculture, science, and industry professionals that specialize in cultivation, extraction, infusion, and providing trusted products to a variety of markets. We applied our rigorous standards when sourcing a U.S. agriculture partner for growing the raw hemp and a pharmaceutical grade manufacturer for processing the oil in all our products. We require that our farmers be pesticide free and purely organic using non-GMO seeds for their crops.

We create products with an eye towards sustainability and renewable resources. It is this dedication to providing the highest quality phytocannabinoid rich oil that makes Honey B Healthy Living stand out above the rest.